Best Romantic Movies Of 2024

Do Aur Do Pyaar

On the verge of splitting up, Ani and Kavya find their long-lost romance rekindled by one intimate night, compelling them to confront and resolve their secret love affairs.

A Family Affair

An unexpected romance leads to humorous outcomes for a young woman, her mother, and her movie star boss as they navigate the complexities of love, sex, and identity.

Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya

Aryan struggles to find his perfect match. During a trip to the USA, he meets Sifra and falls in love, only to later realize that their relationship is impossible.

Ishq Vishk Rebound

Two best friends fall in love and navigate their relationship, delving into themes of love, friendship, betrayal, heartbreak, and rebound.


Sachin seeks love but finds himself entangled between two possible partners, resulting in humorous complications.