Bhaje Vaayu Vegam OTT Premiere: Kartikeya's Latest Thriller on Netflix!

Experience the suspenseful journey of 'Bhaje Vaayu Vegam' starring Kartikeya and Iswarya Menon, now streaming exclusively on Netflix in Telugu with English subtitles.

Telugu actor Kartikeya Gummakonda’s latest cinematic venture, “Bhaje Vaayu Vegam“, originally released in theaters on May 31, 2024, has now embarked on its digital journey with a premiere on the popular OTT platform Netflix. Directed by Prashanth Reddy and starring Iswarya Menon in a pivotal role, the film promises an engaging narrative enriched with suspense and drama.

Set in a backdrop that blends traditional values with contemporary themes, “Bhaje Vaayu Vegam” unfolds exclusively in Telugu, accompanied by English subtitles for a wider audience appeal. This move to Netflix marks a significant milestone for the film, offering viewers the opportunity to delve into its intricacies from the comfort of their homes.

The cast includes a talented ensemble featuring Rahul Tyson, Tanikella Bharani, Ravi Shankar, Sarath Lohithaswa, and more, each contributing to the film’s compelling storyline. Produced under the banner of UV Creations, the movie boasts a captivating musical score composed by Radhan, complemented by the evocative background music crafted by Kapil Kumar.

As “Bhaje Vaayu Vegam” transitions to the digital platform, all eyes are on its reception among OTT audiences, eager to witness how its blend of intense performances and gripping narrative resonates beyond the confines of the silver screen.

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