Garudan Box Office Collection: Will It Hit the Rs. 50 Crore Mark? Latest Earnings Revealed!

Explore Garudan's box office success, detailed earnings breakdown, and its race to achieve the Rs. 50 crore milestone.

Tamil film Garudan enjoyed a strong performance during its second weekend at the Indian box office, raking in Rs. 9.25 crore. This marks a 45% decrease from its first weekend earnings. The drop in revenue could have been less significant if not for the India v Pakistan World Cup match, which impacted Sunday’s growth. Over the span of ten days, Garudan has amassed a total of Rs. 38 crore in India. If it can sustain its momentum against upcoming releases, it has a solid chance of hitting the Rs. 50 crore milestone.

International Success of Garudan

On the international front, Garudan has grossed around USD 750K (approximately Rs. 6.25 crore), bringing its worldwide total to an impressive Rs. 44 crore. Reaching the Rs. 50 crore mark globally is almost guaranteed and is expected to be achieved within the weekdays. The film’s international appeal has significantly bolstered its overall box office performance.

Detailed Box Office Figures in India

The Garudan box office collection in India is as follows:

  • Week One: Rs. 28.50 crore
  • 2nd Friday: Rs. 2.35 crore
  • 2nd Saturday: Rs. 3.50 crore
  • 2nd Sunday: Rs. 3.40 crore

These figures bring the Indian total to Rs. 37.75 crore. In Tamil Nadu alone, Garudan grossed Rs. 8.75 crore in its second weekend, making it the second-highest grossing film of the year in the state, surpassing Ayalaan. The film’s total in Tamil Nadu now stands at Rs. 35 crore, just Rs. 5 crore shy of overtaking Viduthalai: Part One as the top-grossing film for lead actor Soori in the region.

About the Garudan Movie

Garudan is an Indian Tamil action thriller directed by R. S. Durai Senthilkumar and produced by Vetrimaaran’s Grass Root Film Company alongside K. Kumar’s Lark Studios. The film stars Soori, M. Sasikumar, and Unni Mukundan in leading roles, with Roshini Haripriyan, Revathi Sharma, Sshivada, Samuthirakani, and Mime Gopi in supporting roles. The plot revolves around the complex dynamics of loyalty and betrayal among two childhood friends and their trusted confidante.

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