Unveiling East Delhi's Dark Secrets: Gaanth OTT Release Promises Thrills and Mystery! Premieres June 11th on JioCinema Premium

Discover Secrets, Solve Mysteries: Gaanth Premieres June 11 on JioCinema Premium!

The Gaanth OTT release, starring Monika Panwar, Manav Vij, and Saloni Batra, plunges viewers into the eerie streets of East Delhi. The series follows a gripping investigation into a bizarre case of mass suicide, led by an unconventional duo – a police officer and a psychiatrist. Their quest for truth unravels a mysterious crypt from the past, revealing a complex web of crimes that spans decades.

Monika Panwar, who portrays the young psychiatrist Sakshi Murmu, shared insights about her character and the intriguing plot of Gaanth. In an interview, Monika revealed that Sakshi is initially misunderstood by her colleagues and viewed as a freak. However, she possesses a rare gift known as Savant syndrome, which allows her to see patterns and numbers invisible to others. Initially seen as a curse, Sakshi’s extraordinary abilities become crucial in uncovering the truth, transforming her into a highly resourceful and hyper-intelligent individual.

Premiering on June 11th exclusively on JioCinema Premium, Gaanth promises a captivating narrative. Monika Panwar highlighted the parallels between herself and her character, Sakshi, emphasizing their shared empathy, curiosity, and determination to live life on their own terms. Don’t miss this thrilling series that combines mystery, crime, and a deep exploration of human potential.

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